Communication and social media

Your club’s communication goal should be focused on getting information to the right people in the most effective, time efficient way. Your communication efforts need to achieve a wide range of outcomes:

  • Keep members informed about registrations, activities, events, governance decisions and strategic direction
  • Promote events and activities to members and supporters
  • Keep the community informed, including letting near neighbours know about activities and events, and engaging the wider community
  • Liaise with volunteers to ensure they are confident to fulfil their roles
  • Attract new members, participants, volunteers and sponsors
  • Ensure funding providers and supporters (including sponsors) stay connected with the club and are thanked.

There are many ways clubs can communicate:

  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube)
  • Website
  • Event calendars and websites
  • Emails
  • Text messages
  • Meetings and forums
  • Notice boards
  • Newsletters
  • Stories in the media.

Like other operational outcomes, marketing and communications should be planned with an understanding of what people want to know about, and when and how they want to receive that information, coupled with who is responsible for ensuring the message is delivered and any associated budget allocation. A marketing and communications plan should be supported by a calendar scheduling each communication output.

Since communication, particularly on social media, can result in negative and detrimental behaviour it is wise for clubs to have policies in place for communication and social media activity. This way, clubs can take advantage of powerful communication tools like social media while limiting undesirable behaviour and protecting the club’s reputation and members from harassment.

Play by the Rules provides a helpful social media web page to assist clubs.

Clubs with Bronze level Go Clubs accreditation have access to an communications and marketing plan template, social media readiness checklist and social media strategy template to assist in the development of effective communication and marketing.

Silver level accredited clubs can take their communication plans one step further with a social media policy template.

Clubs with Gold level Go Clubs accreditation can analyse how they perform online with a digital presence assessment tool.