NEATO Employment Services

How can NEATO Employment Services assist Go Clubs Members?

The support and assistance available to Go Clubs members will vary depending on their Level of Accreditation within Go Clubs.

NEATO's primary role is to support affiliated Go Clubs members with administrative duties which impact on their operations. This support will be provided through NEATO’s Work for the Dole activity; Cairns Community Administration Support (CCAS).

The CCAS team is dedicated to helping our clubs meet the minimum levels of accreditation. Open to all Go Clubs registered clubs, the CCAS team are a small group of dedicated volunteers providing a range of administration support services to Go Clubs Members including:

  • newsletters
  • promotional material
  • meeting minutes
  • customer surveys
  • application assistance for the various levels within Go Clubs
  • data entry (e.g. competition results, maintenance reports)
  • various Word, Excel and Publisher resources to meet your needs

Those members at a Level 4 accreditation or above with Go Clubs, will also be able to gain assistance from NEATO's outdoor work crews. These supervised crews perform a range of tasks including:

  • renovation and maintenance
  • minor construction works (non-trade) and repairs
  • painting
  • minor concreting and paving
  • ground maintenance
  • landscaping and garden design
  • lawn and garden maintenance
  • retaining walls and features

Contact Ross and the team at NEATO today on (07) 4051 4444 to work through the Go Clubs accreditation levels.