Council grants

Council grant programs provide funding to community groups, individuals and organisations that are providing programs, activities and projects that enrich the opportunities to residents. The funding streams available for eligible community, sport and recreation organisations include:

  • Go Clubs Infrastructure Assistance Grant
  • Young People in Sport
  • Go Clubs In Kind Assistance (Essentials)
  • Go Clubs In Kind Assistance (Field Maintenance)
  • Go Mow
  • Other – details of community grants to be included

Clubs applying for Council grants must be Bronze level accredited or higher to be deemed eligible.

Workshops and training

7.3.1. Cairns Regional Council Club Development Workshops

Cairns Regional Council conducts free and practical workshops each year focused on club development and furthering local clubs’ volunteer skill sets. These workshops are a great way to devote your committee’s attention to club improvement.

Council’s club development workshop program delivers high-quality training and development opportunities on a range of topics including governance, volunteer management, fundraising, grants, marketing and promotion, social media and strategic planning, just to name a few.

These workshops are FREE to all clubs. Topics and workshop dates will be posted on the Go Clubs Facebook page and you can register by completing the online form.

7.3.2. Sport and Recreation Services Queensland, Building Active Communities Workshop program The Building Active Communities Workshop program provides free workshops to increase the skills and knowledge of community sport and recreation volunteers such as committee members, coaches, team managers, officials and administrators.

7.3.3. Sport and Recreation Services Queensland, Get Active Queensland The Get Active Queensland Accreditation Program provides free training that can lead to recognised accreditation in coaching, officiating and sports first aid.

Leasing and agreements

Different tenure agreements (the conditions under which land or buildings are held or occupied) are available for not for profit groups, such as:

  • Short and long term leases
  • Permits or licences
  • Management and user agreements

The type of tenure offered by Council will depend on:

  • The type of activities to be conducted
  • What infrastructure is required
  • The suitability of the premises
  • How regularly the activity occurs

Your tenure agreement will be one of the most valuable documents to your organisation and it should be kept in a safe place by the committee.

Council has created a set of Guidelines for Community Tenure for your information. These guidelines cover all aspects of leasing or agreements with Council and the associated forms that you may need if you want to occupy Council property.

Useful links

Australian Sports Commission – the Australian Sports Commission is a statutory authority within the Commonwealth Government’s Department of Health portfolio. It was established in 1985 and operates under the Australian Sports Commission Act 1989.

Play by the Rules – Play by the Rules is a collaboration between the Australian Sports Commission, the Human Rights Commission and all state sport and recreation agencies. The program offers tips, scenarios and policies to make sport inclusive, safe and fair.

Australian Sports Foundation – The Australian Sports Foundation was established by the Australian Government in 1986, after the Australian Sports Commission Act 1985 called for the creation of a company to support the development of sport in Australia.

Blue Card Services – The purpose of the blue card system is to contribute to the creation of safe and supportive environments for children and young people when receiving services and participating in activities which are essential to their development and well-being, such as child care, education, sport and cultural activities.

Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing – The Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing is committed to a vision of flourishing parks and forests, physically active Queenslanders and public confidence in the racing industry. Check out their grants and programs.

FNQ Volunteers – FNQ Volunteers Inc. is a Cairns-based not for profit community organisation that recruits and refers volunteers into positions within other not for profit community organisations throughout far north Queensland.

Go Volunteer – A national volunteer recruitment website that provides free advertising for not for profit community organisations looking for volunteers. An initiative of Volunteering Australia.

Good Sports – Good Sports is a three-step program for sporting clubs and provides resources and training to help clubs tackle alcohol-related issues as well as mental health, smoking and obesity.

Office of Fair Trading (OFT) – A Queensland Government website that focuses on your rights, crime and the law and fair trading. OFT administers legislation that relates to not for profit associations.

Sport, Fitness and Recreation Volunteering Portal – Provided by Volunteering Queensland, this site allows you to volunteer, find volunteers and opportunities to volunteer, highlight your events, profile volunteers, find training opportunities, access resources and more.

Western Australia Department of Sport – The Department develops and implements government policy and initiatives in sport and recreation, while contributing to the healthy lifestyle of Western Australians by increasing physical activity through sport and recreation and providing assistance and advice to local communities, the sports industry (organisations and clubs), businesses and other government departments.

Volunteering Australia – Volunteering Australia is the National peak body for volunteering, working to advance volunteering in the Australian community.

Volunteering Queensland – Volunteering Queensland aims to advance the interests and capacity of community, through effective and innovative volunteering, social participation and civic engagement.