Accreditation Levels

Council is committed to supporting clubs to become prosperous and successful.  In doing so, Go Clubs will provide support for the ongoing development of clubs through a ten stage model.  Most of these are requirements of the Office of Fair Trading (OFT), and those already required by clubs to book a Council field.

Your details will only be used by us to assist your club in terms of compliance with OFT regulations and the development of strategies in line with your club’s constitution.  There are some fantastic rewards available by increasing your level of Go Clubs Accreditation.

Before a club can book a field or hold a lease with Council they need to be Go Clubs Accredited – meeting a minimum Level 1 Accreditation.

Ten Stage Accreditation Program 

The ten stage Accreditation Program incorporates the following levels:

Level 1 – Compliant Clubs
Level 2 – Healthy Clubs
Level 3 – Good Clubs
Level 4 – Engaged Clubs

Level 5 – Participation
Level 6 – Strategic Clubs

Level 7 – Connected Clubs
Level 8 – Events